About us

We are specialized in sustainable energy. We develop projects for the use of renewable energy, including consulting, technical and economic viability studies, legal assessment and equipment delivery and installation. Our solutions aim to provide costs reductions closely tied to sustainability, always surpassing the most demanding customers requirements.      

You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of services and solutions. Our mission is to be the reference in renewable energy, providing differentiated technologies, innovative solutions and highly skilled professionals to surpass expectations of a wide variety of projects, from simple, small to the highest complex ones.

Solar energy


Many countries, including Brazil, are blessed with one of the most valuable of resources when we speak about renewable energy: the sun. These areas have sunlight and heat in abundance, making them ideal for solar energy technology. 

Given that the earth receives roughly 173,000 terawatts of energy directly from the sun at any given moment, more than 10,000 times the energy usage of the entire world, it seems silly not to harness some of its power for a more productive use.

With the deployment of new materials and advanced technologies, solar panels costs are reducing whereas efficiency is increasing. Solar panels are these days investor-friendly as never before. They are a renewable venture, and once installed, the electricity will generate itself without intervention and support, and with a very low cost of maintenance.

  • Projects development in the solar photovoltaic energy área (consulting, technical and economic viability studies, legal assessment and equipment delivery and installation)
  • Solar panels solutions integrated with facade of buildings
  • Solar solutions integrated with urban furnishings and lightweight coverings
  • Consulting services in Photovoltaic Energy, and in Sustainable Energies in general

Our Activities

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