Changing the future

What we do?


We provide consulting services and complete solutions in renewable energy, specially in photovoltaic energy, creating  solutions connected or not to the grid (on/off grid), which may also be integrated to new IoT (“Internet of Things”) technologies.

Through such integration we elaborate creative and innovative solutions for the use of Energy, thus ensuring a future where sustainable, reliable and efficient energy will be available for the whole society, fulfilling a social matter, and at the same time providing a competitive edge and cost reductions in the corporate environment.


Due to a great number of complex financial and sociopolitical issues, it is difficult for many areas and countries to create and maintain a comprehensive electricity grid. At present, around 16% of our global population is totally without electricity, which means around 1.2 billion people are walking the streets at night in complete darkness, struggling to provide cooked food for their families and keep food fresh using refrigeration.

Energy generation that is harmful to the environment should be phased out, as it is also becoming extremely limited and so increasingly more expensive. 

On the other hand, the future is being paved for environment friendly solutions. Renewable energies have the ability to, besides being able to work in large scale, function also on a smaller scale and power individual settlements using micro grid technologies.

Environment friendly energy solutions

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